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5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS [Hacks]

5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS [Hacks]

Now a days we see a lot of news about hacking. In order to make it simple, we have assembled here a list of hacking tools that are really helpful for the Hacking purposes.

1.  Cain & Abel – This is a password recovery tool for the windows operating system. Various kinds of passwords can be recovered using this tool from the network. It uses various processes such as sniffing, cracking encrypted passwords with the help of dictionary, Brute force, Cryptanalysis and recording VoIP conversations and with this it also decodes the scrambled password, extracting cached passwords and the analysis of the routing protocols and revealing of the password boxes. It is a very useful tool. The use of this tool can also be seen to hack windows passwords...

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cain able 5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS

2.  SuperScan – This tool is used as a TCP port scannerresolver as well as a pinger. This tool has various versions but each new version is a lot more different than the previous one. So this tool can be used as a good scanning tool for the users having windows operating system.

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SuperScan 4 5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS

3.  GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner – This is much needed software for detecting the threats in the network. This tool conducts over 15000 vulnerability assessment tests over the network and at the same time provides you the tools to patch the security threats in your network and be secure. It is basically a network vulnerability management solution. This software was voted Favorite Commercial Security tool by the NMAP users for 2 successive years.

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gfi languard network security scanner 3861 scr 5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS

4.   Retina – Retina is also a network scanner , but it scans for the known vulnerabilities in the network as well as it prioritizes the threats found in the network in order to make it more simple for the users to redeem the threats. The best feature of this software is that it is fact and accurate and it scans the threats in the network which are recently discovered.

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RetinaScreenshot1 5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS

5.  SamSpade – This tool gives a consistent GUI and with the help of this tool we can implement a lot of network query tasks. The designing of this software was done with track down spammers in mind but it can be used for a lot more such as network exploration, administration as well as security tasks. It has great features such as traceroute, nslookup, ping, dig, finger, SMPT relay check Website search and lots more.

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Sam Spade 5 5 Hacking Tools For Windows OS

So these are some of the tools which will be useful for the budding hackers and do remember that
There is a crack in everything, From where light can pass through…

WARNING: The above tutorial is completely safe to use. It will do no harm to the PC. The sole motive of this tutorial is to help you gain knowledge.
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