Friday, 31 August 2012

How To Use Gmail As A Cloud [Tips, Tricks]

How To Use Gmail As A Cloud [Tips, Tricks]

Gmail Cloud
It is possible. It’s not official. But it is possible with the help of this plugin named as Gmail Drive. Gmail allows you to send files along with your mail but it does not allow you to store your files online, just like that of a cloud. So why dont. It might be irritating for you when you suddenly want to send some picture or some other file to your friend. You need to login to your picasa or flickr and then you need to upload your file then give the URL. But here you can easily upload the file and save it in your Gmail cloud and save your precious time. And so now lets see on how to do this.

Requirements :
Gmail Account
Gmail Drive

The Steps :

Download the Gmail Drive from here.
Extract the files.
Run the setup.
The setup lasts only for two minute.
After the setup open up My Computer.

Open Up the Gmail Drive. Enter your credentials and login to it.

And what’s more you are in.

Copy any file into this folder and it would be uploaded in the cloud !

Limitations :

Gmail Drive is in its developement stage and so it has some drawbacks. Some of them are as follows

It does not allow you to name a file more than a length of 65 characters.
It does not accepts application specific passwords. (If you use two step verification).
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